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Angkor Music

We stock a wide range of musical instruments, parts and accessories, plus printed music books and professional audio and recording
gear. With over 20 years experience in Melbourne and a background in instrument repairs, we understand musicians like nobody else.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just message or call us.

The Melbourne Music Store Musicians Choose

Offering a wide range of instruments, music and accessories, Angkor Music is the preferred guitar store and online music store for musicians of all persuasions and proficiencies.

Instruments to Suit Every Budget & Aspiration

Whether you dream of being a rock god shredding on your electric guitar or serenading loved ones with a sweet string melody, we have the high-quality instruments to help you get there. With options for budding beginners right through to professional players wowing on stages across the world, our collection is one of the best in Australia, if not the world. At last count, we had more than 15,000 musical items for sale from more than 150 brands, including instruments, recording and sound equipment, and printed sheet music. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

The Only Online Guitar Store You’ll Ever Need

Versatile and evocative, it’s fair to say we have a soft spot for the guitar. In fact, we’re one of the leading guitar stores in Melbourne, with an extensive range of guitars to choose from. With us, you’ll discover the finest build quality for an unbeatable sound, guitars from internationally recognised manufacturers and even specialty guitars, like 12-string acoustic guitars. If you’re serious about guitars, then we have everything you need, including plenty of guitar accessories to ensure you can play your best.

Bringing You Instruments From Across the World

But our love for music goes far beyond the guitar. We love bringing lesser-known instruments to our customers’ attention, helping them create new sounds and fall in love with unique styles. For instance, our percussion instrument collection includes West African djembes, Peruvian cajòns and Puerto Rican güiros.

The Knowledge & Experience to Help With Every Musical Journey

With over 20 years of experience as a music instrument store, and a firm background in instrument repairs, we understand musicians like nobody else. For example, we know you want an instrument that provides a quality performance and is ready to play from Day 1. This is why all instruments are tried, tested and tuned by our team before they are put up for sale or shipped for delivery.

Similarly, we know there’s nothing worse than waiting days on end for your new instrument to arrive. While we can’t rush the post, we do what we can to make the wait more bearable — like offering free shipping on 99% of our stock throughout Australia, as well as fulfilling all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.

Shop Musical Instruments, Equipment, Accessories & More Online

When it’s time to buy your next instrument or musical accessory, Angkor Music is the only place to go.

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