About Us

Why Choose Angkor Music ?

At Angkor we strive to make you a Satisfied Customer.

This takes shape everyday, with our commitment to ensuring every instrument is inspected and tested prior to you receiving it. When you pick up a guitar, it is in tune ready to play.

We ship 99% of items free, ( within Australia ), no matter where you live, and all orders go out within 24 hours. We stock what we sell, so it wont be getting sent from some wharehouse on the other side of the country, or other side of the world !

We strive to bring you the most comprehensive range of gear, from Guitars to drums, band and orchestral. With over 15,000 products from 150 brands with more added all the time.

We carry a wide range of gear, from Boutique to Best Sellers, and we keep it all under one roof, in a climate controlled showroom, so your gear is safe and sound.