Free Restring Day

Author: Reuben  Date Posted:28 September 2022 

Free restring day terms & conditions


The free restring includes a free set of D'Addario XS long life strings.

The guages are limited to 9-42, 10-46 for electric guitars and

11-52, 12-53 for acoustic steel string guitars.

Limited to 1 guitar per Family

7,8. 9 and 12 string guitars not included


This restring is usually charged out at $75.


Please note: Floyd Rose equipped guitars incur a surcharge of between $120-$180, depending on what is needed.


Bass retrings and Classical guitar restrings will not be part of the promotion.


If your instrument needs additional repairs or set up, this will be charged at our usual repair rates. Free quotes will be available on the spot.


If your guitar does need extra work, you may be required to book instrument in as repairs can take up to 1 week to complete, depending on parts etc..