Open Night

Angkor Music Open Night: Your Chance to Shine!

Date: Thursday 29th FEBRUARY 2024
Starts 7pm til 10pm.
Location: 4 Drake Blvd, Altona VIC 3018

We're back this FEBRUARY!
Are you a music enthusiast looking to showcase your talent? Do you have a favourite song you've always wanted to perform live? If so, Angkor Music has the perfect opportunity for you! We're excited to announce our upcoming "Open Night" this Thursday 29th February! This event is designed to celebrate the diverse musical talents of our community and provide a platform for you to shine. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, we welcome you to join us for a night of music, fun, and camaraderie.

How to Participate:

Participation is simple. All you need to do is fill out the form on this page. In the form, you'll be asked to list the song you'd like to perform. You can choose any song that resonates with you. It could be a classic rock anthem, a soulful ballad or a pop hit. The choice is yours!

You don't have to be a singer to participate. If you play an instrument like the guitar, drums, piano, or anything else, you're more than welcome to join. Our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive musical experience.

You can relax and leave the backing track to us. We'll take the song you've chosen, expertly remove the instrument you want to play, and ensure it's perfectly prepared for you to seamlessly perform along with on the night.

So don't miss this chance to showcase your musical talent and passion. Fill out the form below, choose your song, and get ready to rock the stage at Angkor Music's Open Night. We can't wait to see what you've got!

Remember, music is not about perfection, it's about expression. So, come as you are, bring your passion, and let's make some unforgettable musical memories together. 

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