Why You Should Try a 12 String Guitar

Learning an instrument comes with a host of benefits that can enrich your life. But after some time, you might feel the urge to switch it up a bit and discover new dimensions of sound. If you're a guitar enthusiast, it's time to consider the magical world of 12-string guitars. These instruments, with their unique and rich tones, have the power to elevate your musical experience to unparalleled heights. With a 12-string guitar, you can revolutionise your playing and find renewed passion and creativity. Even aspiring musicians will appreciate the benefits of a 12-string guitar. While it might pose some initial challenges, mastering this instrument is well worth any of the effort that goes into the learning process.

What’s So Great About 12-String Guitars?

Enriched Sound and Harmonics

One of the most captivating aspects of 12-string guitars is their ability to produce a fuller, richer sound. With twice the number of strings compared to a standard guitar, these instruments create a lush, harmonic resonance that adds depth and complexity to your playing. The doubled strings are tuned in octaves or unisons, creating a beautiful chorus effect that enhances your music, making it sound more vibrant and dynamic.

Expansive Tonality

The 12-string guitar's unique construction allows for a broader tonal range. Musicians can explore a spectrum of tones, from bright and shimmering highs to deep and resonant lows. This versatility makes 12-string guitars suitable for various musical genres, from folk and blues to rock and beyond. Whether you're fingerpicking or strumming, the 12-string guitar responds with a distinctive voice that sets it apart.

Inspired Creativity

Playing a 12-string guitar can ignite fresh sparks of creativity in your musical endeavours. The increased resonance and complexity of the sound encourage experimentation with different playing styles, chord voicings, and songwriting approaches. Musicians often find that the unique characteristics of the 12-string guitar open up new avenues for expression, pushing their creative boundaries.

Iconic Songs and Artists

Many iconic songs and artists have embraced the enchanting sound of the 12-string guitar. By trying a 12-string guitar, you connect with a rich musical heritage and gain access to a sonic palette that has shaped some of the most memorable moments in music history.

A Unique Playing Experience

Beyond the sonic advantages, playing a 12-string guitar offers a unique and satisfying experience for musicians. The additional strings add a tactile and immersive quality to your playing, creating a sense of connection with the instrument that is both enjoyable and fulfilling. The challenges posed by the doubled strings can enhance your finger strength and dexterity over time.

What Are the Different Types of 12 String Guitars?

When delving into the realm of 12-string guitars, musicians are presented with a diverse range of options catering to different playing styles and preferences. 12-string acoustic guitars are perhaps the most traditional and widely recognized, known for their rich, resonant tones and versatility in genres like folk, country, and acoustic rock. These guitars amplify the natural acoustic sound and are ideal for intimate performances or unplugged settings. On the other hand, electric 12-string guitars bring the enchanting jangle of doubled strings to the realm of amplified music. Whether you choose the warmth of an acoustic 12-string or the electrifying energy of its electric counterpart, each type offers a unique sonic experience, allowing musicians to explore a vast landscape of tones and textures.

Where Can You Find 12-String Guitars?

When searching for the guitar of your dreams, don’t settle on the first thing you find. Within the category of 12-string guitars alone there are a ton of wonderful options. Consider your specific proclivities as an artist, including the types of genres you want to play in and the kind of sound you want to create. You should also think about comfort and ease, making sure your guitar caters to your body. These days, you can even find a variety of left handed guitars for those who require them. There are also classical guitars, bass guitars, electric guitars and acoustic guitars, each of which is perfect for the right performer. All of these guitars and more can be found at Angkor Music, which offers a comprehensive collection of musical instruments and accessories. If a 12-string guitar is the guitar you want, we have a whole range of gorgeous options for you to choose from. Visit our online store today and fulfil your musical ambitions!